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  • Building A Shipping Container House An Adventure In Off-Grid Living

    I started building a shipping container home with lots of enthusiasm and no experience. I filmed the entire process, and and share the wisdom I learned in two ebooks that explain almost everything you need to know about modifying a shipping container. These ebooks have inspired people from Detroit to Australia. Whether you want to transform a shipping container into a garge, shed, mancave, office, cabin, weekend retreat, or even a house and home, this ebook will guide you to your own adventure. The videos are free to watch, and form a library of imformation to help you.

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    I FREAKING LOVE IT It gives me exactly the insight I needed to accomplish something of this magnitude. I'm working night and day to be able to get this project up and running you know lol! No matter how hard I tried looking on the Web or phone calls I make it's really difficult to find real facts and expertise on this subject. Your the "Holy Grail" Paul. Your really a genius Paul and honestly you've motivated me to start now while I'm young. You have something here that other people are charging lots for and they hardly give any information. You have pictures, prices, experience, and most importantly PICTURES! Thank you so much! Jonathan.

    Transforming a shipping container

    Watch the videos to see the transformation unfold - Its amazing.

    Below are two videos, The first is the two year review. Beneath that is the Kirsten Dirksen documentary that recieved a huge response. It is 45 minutes long and was filmed at the four year point. So make yourself comfortable and settle back.

    Living in an off grid house made of shipping containers can be comfortable and practical.

    I started building a weekend retreat from two shipping containers. We now live in them full time, on the top of a mountain in the Australian bush. I am amazed at the number of subscribers that follow my YouTube channel and my wordpress blog. This site is where I can share the important details not covered in the regular short videos and articles I publish on the internet.

    We generate sufficient Solar electricity in the off grid shipping containers to meet our needs from solar panels. We store unused energy in batteries. We are able to run a solar powered air conditioner during the day, and run most household appliances easily.

    We do not have town Water in the container house so we collect rainwater from the roof for domestic use. We minimise water consumption by operating a composting toilet.

    Heating in our off grid shipping container comes from firewood that is collected from the bush around our home. We run a unique "safe" wood burner that keeps us warm. The living container is insulated and keeps us warm and cosy.

    We have modern Communication in off our comfortable container home. We use mobile broadband for internet access and full communication with the rest of the world. Sarah operates an internet business from within the Australian bush.

    We are the first people to install a stained glass window in a shipping container..... It is a beautful stained glass leaded panel with 75 individual panes of glass that create a fabulous display in the morning sun.

    I started Constructing the off grid container house with no experience, and lots of enthusiasm. I have now learned to weld, and am confident with metal fabrication, and many aspects of house building. I recorded all my experiences in two e-books I have written. I publish high quality videos to YouTube, on each aspect of the construction, and these are very popular. If you are considering a shipping container project, then my e-books will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

    Why I live in a shipping container?

    • " To have an adventure "

    • " To live sustainably "

    • " Reduce the cost of living "


  • I took a sneak peek at the book last night. 9 chapters later, at 2am, I had to force myself to stop and get a few hours sleep. Congratulations on writing an exceptional chronicle of your progress and setbacks. You have a knack for conveying information, making it both down to earth and interesting. The linked content really adds value. Second copy gladly purchased. Still a very cheap book! Best regards, Greg.

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  • I am not surprised that your project is so popular it's one thing to read a book but having a video to demonstrate the actual procedure makes it much more informative, like they say a picture tells a thousand words. Thank you so very much for putting together such an excellent series. David Brandie.

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    • David Brandie
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  • Paul has invested his heart and soul into his building project and the book has received just as much attention. It is embarrassingly cheap & will represent thousands of dollars in savings and likely many many days saved in wasted efforts, purely by learning from Paul's first hand experiences. I cannot recommend Paul's ebook highly enough! Dean Wishart.

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    • Dean Wishart, Melbourne Australia
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